Find a Multifamily Verifier

Accredited verifiers with specific experience on large, multifamily NGBS projects.

Find a Multifamily Verifier

NGBS Green Accredited Verifiers are trained to inspect for any certification type. Some verifiers have significant experience with multifamily projects. Builders and developers may find it more cost effective to retain an experienced multifamily verifier outside their local area, than a nearby verifier with less specialized experience. Home Innovation encourages builders, developers, and architects to seek verification proposals from several verifiers to ensure you find the individual best suited to your specific project.

Please contact Home Innovation Labs if we can provide any assistance in locating an accredited verifier.

Verifier Name Units Certified Units In-Process State Master Verifier 2012 NGBS 2015 NGBS
Steven Armstrong
The Performance Point, LLC
4336 10118 NC
Kyle Abney
Abney + Abney Green Solutions
6962 6181 FL
Daniel Mazilu
PDN Consulting, Inc.
8781 3843 TX
Dondi Atwell
ATS Engineers, Inspectors and Surveyors
6627 4238 TX
Rachel Della Valle
Southern Energy Management
3985 6536 NC
Carl Seville
SK Collaborative, LLC
3331 6049 GA
Aaron McEwin
Jordan & Skala Engineers, Inc.
2258 7037 TX
Jeremy Velasquez
TexEnergy Solutions / US Eco Logic
5481 1316 TX
Drew Smith
Two Trails, Inc.
2735 2967 FL
Laurie Colwander
Southern Energy Management
2174 3363 NC
Jason Biondi
Energy Cost Solutions Group (E.C.S.G.)
2172 2838 FL
Jeffrey Slaugh
TexEnergy Solutions / US Eco Logic
834 3121 CO
Glenn Haydu
Minno & Wasko Architects and Planners
1771 1916 NJ
Paul Mrzlak
Advanced Environment Imaging, LLC
2515 1026 NC
Kalah Woerner
Chancey Design Partnership
2516 604 FL
Karla Butterfield
Steven Winter Associates, Inc.
1818 1221 CT
Grant Warner
Southern Energy Management
1840 939 NC
Chris Schwarzkopf
Energy Diagnostics, Inc.
2003 712 IN
Marie Nisson
TexEnergy Solutions / US Eco Logic
1388 981 MD
Robert Bolus
Coastal Training Consultants & Inspectors
2203 140 SC
Shelly Leonard
Green Space Consultants, LLC
1982 248 NC
Mark Garner
Lawrence Abell and Associates Ltd.
1078 601 MD
Travis Dunn
TSI Energy Solutions
980 667 IN
Elias Doulgerakis
TexEnergy Solutions / US Eco Logic
884 749 GA
Tom Karras
E3 Design Group, Inc. dba E3 Building Sciences
811 736 FL
Michael Browne
Advanced Building Analysis, LLC
1050 496 MA
Michael Sumpter
Pando Alliance, LLC
417 1065 MD
Moe Fakih
VCA Green
841 608 CA
Brad Bray
TexEnergy Solutions / US Eco Logic
444 964 TX
Robert Culler
733 403 VA
Lisa Whaley
Universal Engineering Sciences
709 421 FL
Peter McGuire
Dominion Energy Rater Group LLC
834 288 VA
Alan Hamblin
TexEnergy Solutions / US Eco Logic
432 550 GA
Elana Brewer
ASERusa, Inc.
432 480 MO
Jacob Asay
TexEnergy Solutions / US Eco Logic
278 548 TX
Michael Bestenlehner
Best Energy Rating & Consulting, LLC
276 543 AZ
David Michaelis
TSI Energy Solutions
498 115 IN
Jeffrey Wenzel
Infinite Energy Solutions, Inc.
260 314 FL
Richard Stepp
GreenHome Georgia, LLC
564 0 GA
Marina Dimitriadis
Steven Winter Associates, Inc.
520 41 VA
Kelly Gillespie
Kelly Green Energy Raters LLC
544 0 VA
Ronald Myers
Real Green Solutions, LLC
493 0 TN
Joseph Gordon
Joe Gordon LLC
421 0 DE
Paul Gay
TexEnergy Solutions / US Eco Logic
397 0 NC
Erin Bordelon
TexEnergy Solutions / US Eco Logic
165 220 TX
Larry Walters
Institute for Building Technology and Safety
162 216 LA
Andrea Shoaf
Lorax Partnerships LLC
208 103 MD
Brendon Roark
Nations Capital Energy Solutions
307 0 MD
Kenneth Snowden
Snowden Builders, Inc.
252 0 PA
Jim D. Baker
B and G Drafting
104 142 MO
Kevin Stack
Northeast Green Building Consulting
93 117 NY
Amanda Leazenby
TRA Certification
72 0 IN