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NGBS Green Certified Products Save Time and Help Ensure Compliance

Why Use Green Products

March 13, 2014

If you are a builder or developer who is just getting started with green home construction, look no further than Home Innovation Research Labs' NGBS Green Certified product mark on product packaging and marketing materials to identify and source green building products. NGBS Green Certified products are pre-approved by Home Innovation to contribute toward a home or building meeting specific NGBS practices, and use of certified products offers labor-savings and streamlined verification to builders/developers.

Manufacturers – Can We Talk? NGBS Green Certification can help position your company as a green building leader/expert and help you further connect with green builders and remodelers. Product listings on the NGBS Green Certified web portal offer increased online marketing exposure. If you've got a few moments, I’d love to talk you through the certification benefits and application process. To get started, email me.