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With age comes wisdom. Find out how NGBS Green is now an even wiser choice!

NGBS Green: Getting Better with Age!

March 10, 2016

When we launched NGBS Green in 2009, few thought we could deliver a certification program that was credible, rigorous, and affordable. I like to think we proved our critics wrong! In our first seven years, we have become the preferred green certification program for residential buildings with over 73,000 NGBS Green Certified homes in the United States to date.

Since the very beginning of the program, we have been laser-focused on a single objective – to deliver a green building certification program that is credible, rigorous, and affordable. We knew we wouldn’t get everything right immediately out of the gate. So, instead of worrying about being perfect, we aimed for being nimble, responsive, and reliable. To this end, we have considered, tweaked, revised, honed, studied, analyzed, corrected, and reconsidered all aspects of the NGBS Green program. We are continually on the lookout for ways to innovate and for new, better ways to deliver rigorous green certification and boost our productivity.

Last spring, Home Innovation celebrated our 50,000th NGBS Green Certified home. Six months later we added an additional 18,000 NGBS Green Certified homes. While we certainly have done some good work, there is still lots more we can do. Every newly-registered home offers us an opportunity to improve. For 2016 we are offering some “old-school” improvements – including a new Builder’s Resource Guide, intended to make the certification process more transparent and accessible to new participants, along with our inaugural Annual Report. We are also providing some new and innovative program enhancements – like NGBS.com, a web portal to connect consumers looking to find a green certified home with our NGBS Green program partners, and our recently-signed MOU with Passive House.

Our promise to homebuyers and renters is that when they see the NGBS Green Certified mark, they can feel confident knowing their home meets the National Green Building Standard (NGBS).

For builders and developers who select NGBS Green as their certification program of choice, we have an equally important promise. You can expect prompt responses to technical questions, swift resolution of building science interpretations, and quick turnaround on certification decisions. Want to see us do something better or differently? Just let us know. As always, we look forward to serving your green home certification needs.