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We conduct ASTM C1363 and ASTM 1224 testing in our large-scale Hot Box.

Hot or Not: How's Your Product's Thermal Performance?

April 19, 2018

With increasingly stringent energy codes, building product manufacturers are developing new products and innovative construction techniques to improve the thermal envelope. Code officials, builders, and architects want reliable thermal conductivity data. But, without testing, you can't know the U-value of the assembled component. Hot Box testing is a reliable way to capture shareable, marketable data that is far superior to modeled performance.

The Hot Box at Innovation Research Labs is one of the largest available nationwide. It accommodates test specimens up to 9 feet by 16 feet. In this type of testing, bigger is definitely better! A larger Hot Box has a better area/perimeter ratio, which means greater confidence in the results. Home Innovation's Hot Box can also be rotated so the specimen can be tested vertically as a wall, horizontally as a roof assembly for commercial buildings, or pitched to simulate a cathedral ceiling.

We conduct testing per ASTM C1363 and ASTM C1224 in the Hot Box, and have tested a wide variety of materials and systems, ranging from typical wood-framed walls, to reflective systems, metal building roofs, and flooring and masonry systems. We'd love to work with you to conduct custom thermal testing for your building product or system.

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