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On Trend with Off Site: When & Where Off-Site Housing Technologies Will Emerge

March 1, 2019

During this year’s International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, I presented, “When and Where Off-Site Housing Technologies Will Emerge” to members of NAHB’s Building Systems Council (BSC). The presentation included information from a 10-year summary of our Annual Builder Practices Reports and a survey conducted in December 2018 of 300 home builders who were asked about their future intentions for using building components and off-site housing technologies. While I’d provided an overview of December’s survey findings here on our website, the presentation was based on a more in-depth analysis based on builder type, size, and region.

The information was well-received, and I ended up answering questions by BSC members for an hour or so afterward. Some topline findings that garnered the most interested included:

This is just a sample of the interesting tidbits that came out of this analysis. There’s much more to explore – check out the complete presentation and let me know what’s most intriguing to you.

Builders Anticipating Using More Often in One and Five Years

From Ed Hudson’s 2019 IBS presentation, “When and Where Off-Site Housing Technologies Will Emerge.”

Interested in this type of comparative market analysis for your building product or system? Or is there a marketing trend topic you’d like us to explore and present to your industry group? Get in touch to let me know.