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Are Your Plumbing Products Designed for Reliability?

March 1, 2021

Today’s customers, both building professionals and homeowners, have increased their expectations of manufacturers for high quality, reliable products. Product testing identifies problems encountered during construction or service life due to poor durability, strength, or performance. Increase the quality and reliability of your products by detecting failures, pinpointing probable deficiencies, and confirming your product will maintain performance throughout its lifecycle.

Conduct a plumbing evaluation to ensure your products are in compliance with CSA B45.5/IAPMO Z124 Plastic Plumbing Fixtures standard. From sinks and showers to bathtubs, Home Innovation has the experience to get you the confirmation you need. Our plumbing products laboratory is well-equipped to test your products and provide you with data specific to material properties, such as:

Structural Integrity


Wear & Cleanability

Thermal Shock Resistance

Whether you are attempting to achieve certification, evaluating defects, or conducting research and development, Home Innovation’s product testing helps you improve your product. Detect design flaws early and troubleshoot defects prior to final production. Understand early in your research and development cycle how design choices can impact performance. Analyze the effects that a change in materials supplier, formulation, or manufacturing process may have on your finished product. Determine modifications for improved product design or material selection. Home Innovation helps you improve your product’s performance, helping you to create greater customer satisfaction. 

With capability for hundreds of test methods, our staff of experts can help you get the results you need. If you'd like more information or to visit our laboratories, just let us know