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Elina Thapa
September 21, 2022

Resiliency and Sustainability

Apart from providing shelter and a place of belonging, a house is also one of the biggest financial investments for many people. Homeowners pour the bulk of their savings into buying a house and then spend half their lives paying expensive mortgages. Imagine all this hard-earned investment wiped out in a single hurricane or torn apart by an earthquake! While there are many unavoidable natural disasters every year, damage to homes could be mitigated by additions/alterations to construction practices—some as simple and low budget as adding hurricane and metal straps to connect the roof and wall members. Sadly, many houses get destroyed each year during disaster events due to lack of resilient construction practices.

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Author Bio
Elina Thapa, research engineer
Elina Thapa
Research Engineer

Elina has been studying various building codes and standards and their cost impacts and researching on disaster resilience policies and retrofit techniques. One of her favorite projects was studying the cost implications of a residential photovoltaic system. After graduating with a Civil Engineering degree in 2016, Elina worked in the reconstruction project where she mostly inspected the construction of houses in a rural village in Nepal. Having worked closely with builders, homeowners, and engineers, she understands the need of sustainability in construction and is glad to be a part of our NGBS Green reviewer team.