2011 Builder Practices Reports Available

July 26, 2012
Available all year
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Upper Marlboro, MD
Home Innovation Research Labs

Market demand data from our Annual Builder Practices Survey is now available!

Up-to-date market intelligence is critical for making the right decisions to get ahead in the housing market rebound. Results of Home Innovation Research Labs’s 2011 Annual Builder Practices Survey (ABPS) reveal some remarkable trends. One of the most notable is the rapid acceleration of new home energy efficiency.

Our Builder Practices Reports provide a snapshot of market demand for products and materials purchased by home builders nationwide. The data are tabulated using a robust methodology to ensure accurate estimates of product demand, quantities purchased, types, styles, sizes, and other characteristics of materials used in new homes built each calendar year. With nearly 40 product categories to choose from, from Foundations and Flooring to Insulation and Roofing, there's a report that's right for every segment of the building products manufacturing sector. For more information contact Ed Hudson at 301.430.6305, or Joanne McAlpin