2012 Annual Consumer Practices Survey Launched Online

January 4, 2013

Check your inbox – the Annual Consumer Practices Survey is being distributed to consumers in early January. The data produced from this survey are an invaluable tool to help guide product development and refinement strategies for product manufacturers, and we are always appreciative of the unparalleled consumer participation we receive.

The data are tabulated using a robust methodology to ensure accurate estimates of product demand, quantities purchased, types, styles, sizes, and other characteristics of materials used in home remodeling projects each calendar year. With nearly 30 product categories to choose from, from Appliances and Faucets to Siding and Windows, there's something in it for every type of product manufacturer. Interested in past years' Consumer Practices Reports? Contact Ed Hudson at 301.430.6305, or Joanne McAlpin at 301.430.6306.