U.S. Department of Energy Building America Program Annual Research Planning Meeting

October 29-31 2013
Washington, DC

Members of the Home Innovation Research Labs staff will attend and present findings and research goals for the coming year at this annual gathering of DOE Building America Program (BAP) building science teams. Home Innovation Labs leads the Partnership in Home Innovation (PHI) team for Building America. Sessions during this multi-day debrief and planning meeting will include:

  • Building America Capstone Innovations: Building America research teams will provide summaries of their most significant projects, findings, and innovations during the 2010-2013 term of the Building America program — these will be specific examples of how each team has taken steps to advance the U.S. housing market. Teams will also provide a brief look at how their work will culminate in 2014.
  • Building America Proven Performance: A significant goal of the current Building America Program term is to prove cost-effective performance methods for new residential construction at the performance goal of a 30% improvement above 2009 IECC. As this is a complicated concept, teams and DOE staff will discuss and determine what defines cost effectiveness, what defines the 30% measure, and what are the representative packages in each climate.
  • Emerging Technologies and Residential Buildings Integration Workshop: The workshop will foster collaboration and explore opportunities to improve the adoption of new technologies in the residential retrofit market, including retrofit of residential building envelopes, windows, roofs, and walls. The goal will be to roadmap opportunities for Building America and Emerging Technologies to collaborate effectively to fast-track the adoption of these and other emerging technologies in the market.