National Green Building Standard: Water Ratings? What Gives? Session at the 2021 Next Generation Water Summit

June 3, 2021
12:10 MDT
Virtual Conference

Home Innovation’s Cindy Wasser will participate in a panel discussion about the Water Rating Index (WRI), its origin, and benefits to new home builders.

Join this session to learn how the Water Rating Index (WRI) was established in the 2020 National Green Building Standard and how it can be used by water jurisdictions facing pressures of growth with limited and declining allocations of water. You can't manage what you're not measuring, especially new residential growth. The WRI is a predictive water-usage calculation tool based on a zero to 100 scale with zero being net zero water usage. The index can calculate projected gallons of annual usage and can predict how many new homes can be sustained by an acre foot of available water.

To learn more and register for the virtual conference, visit https://ngws.vfairs.com/.