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Over 130 NGBS Green Verifiers across the country accredited to 2012 NGBS.

July 1, 2013Upper Marlboro, MD

First Batch of NGBS Green Verifiers Accredited to 2012 National Green Building Standard

Earlier this year, with the ANSI approval of the ICC 700-2012 National Green Building Standard, Home Innovation Research Labs began offering 2012 NGBS training for those who wanted to verify for our national certification program. As of July 1st, the first batch of 135 verifiers were accredited as qualified to conduct inspections for 2012 NGBS projects. The individual verifiers who were first to receive their 2012 NGBS accreditation are listed below (alphabetically by last name) — click on a verifier name for his/her verifier detail and contact page:

More verifiers are becoming accredited every day -- check www.HomeInnovation.com/FindNGBSVerifier for a real-time, complete listing of all accredited verifiers, sortable by state, and an accounting of the NGBS version(s) to which each is accredited. If you are currently working with an accredited NGBS who is not yet accredited to the 2012 NGBS, and you are pursuing 2012 NGBS Green Certification for your project, please let your verifier know.

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