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Got questions for builders? Don't miss the opportunity to pose them in our Omnibus Survey.

September 24, 2013Upper Marlboro, MD

Home Innovation Research Labs to Launch Builder Omnibus Survey in Early October

Building product manufacturers of all types need to stay on top of what their customers, builders, want and need out of home building products, materials, and technologies. But most don't have the time or budget to field a nationwide custom survey of home builders. Home Innovation Research Labs is launching its monthly Builder Omnibus Survey in early October to help manufacturers get the data they need in a fast, cost-effective way.

To gauge builder opinions of new building products or assess a product’s competitive advantage, manufacturers can sponsor one or more questions in the upcoming Builder Omnibus Survey, one of the many survey products available through Home Innovation Research Labs.

No matter what a manufacturer’s market intelligence objectives, Home Innovation Labs can include questions to meet those objectives, and the process is easy:

For more information or to reserve space for your questions, contact the Home Innovation marketing research team today.

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