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Consensus Committee & Task Group Members Appointed for 2015 NGBS Update Process

June 2, 2014Upper Marlboro, MD

Home Innovation Announces Consensus Committee, Task Group Members for National Green Building Standard 2015 Update

In cooperation with ICC, ASHRAE, and NAHB, Home Innovation Research Labs recently announced appointments to the Consensus Committee for the next version (2015) of the National Green Building Standard™.

The development of the standard must follow an ANSI-approved process, and Home Innovation will once again act as the secretariat, or administrator, of the standard development process. Home Innovation issued a call for Consensus Committee members in February and applications were received through April 7, 2014.

Similar to the make-up of the committees convened to develop the 2008 and 2012 versions of the Standard, the committee for the 2015 updated version includes government officials, advocacy groups, home builders, product manufacturer association representatives, and other affected industry stakeholders in residential construction. The organizations represented on the Consensus Committee and their primary representatives are:

The committee members have also been assigned to Task Groups, each focusing on a different area of the Standard — such as energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, or lot and site development. The Task Group appointments were supplemented with other individuals who expressed an interest in participating in the standard development process. A complete list of all Task Group appointments is available online at www.homeinnovation.com/ngbs.

The entire Consensus Committee will hold three meetings at the National Housing Center in Washington, D.C., during the standard development process.

Once the committee has completed its work, the newly updated National Green Building Standard will be submitted to ANSI for approval in 2015.

Initiated originally in 2007 by the International Code Council and NAHB, the 2008 National Green Building Standard was developed by a 42-member Consensus Committee and approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in January 2009, making it the first point-based rating system for green residential construction, remodeling, and land development to be approved by ANSI. As an ANSI-approved standard, the document is subject to periodic updates as a way to ensure that advances in building codes, technology, and other developments can be considered for incorporation; subsequent to the approval of the 2008 version, the 2012 NGBS was developed using the same ANSI consensus process.

For additional information and for all future updates on the 2015 NGBS development process, visit www.homeinnovation.com/ngbs.

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