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Understand what specific home building product brands builders and remodelers are using.

December 5, 2014Upper Marlboro, MD

Home Innovation Offers Exclusive Building Product Brand & Product Usage Reports

PB Insight, powered by Home Innovation Research Labs, is a potent new partnership between Home Innovation and the publisher of Professional Builder and Professional Remodeler magazines. Bringing together the industry experience, expertise, and reach of this powerhouse duo has allowed Home Innovation to develop and offer Brand Usage Studies and reports, new this year, as an extension of our Annual Builder & Consumer Practices Reports.

Home Innovation provides superior brand usage studies based on hard data and actual units purchased. Not merely perceptions or speculations on what a builder might purchase, like other studies offer. This provides actionable market information building product manufacturers need to make strategic business decisions about existing and future products.

Ed Hudson, Home Innovation's Director of Marketing Research, recently blogged about the "Pitfalls of Brand Share Studies of Construction Products," which provides insight into other data products available in the marketplace and what makes ours more practical.

For more information on PB Insight offerings, or to purchase specific Brand Usage Studies, contact Adam Grubb with PB Insight (317.219.7546).

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