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When Buyers Search for Green Homes, Will They Find Yours?

January 15, 2016Upper Marlboro, MD

NGBS.com Launch Provides Consumers Direct Link to NGBS Green Homes & Builders

Home Innovation Research Labs is excited to announce the debut of NGBS.com – a new online portal that allows consumers looking for green homes to connect directly with builders of NGBS Green Certified homes.

Since the NGBS Green certification program launched in 2009, it has become the residential green certification program of choice for single- and multifamily builders and developers across the United States – to date, well over 10,000 single-family homes, 58,000 apartments, and 1,500 residential lots have been NGBS Green Certified. Home Innovation has always provided a diverse array of customizable materials for builders to market their NGBS Green Certified homes directly to prospective buyers and renters. Now, NGBS.com will allow Home Innovation to reach consumers more directly to connect them to NGBS Green Partners building in the neighborhoods where they want to live. The site provides a new way for consumers to learn the benefits of third-party certification and NGBS green practices, and see the beauty and diversity of NGBS Green Certified homes.

The site has paths for those who are looking to buy, rent, or remodel green. It provides details on what makes an NGBS Green Certified home different and better than comparable non-certified homes. It provides search results at the state and city or regional level, allowing consumers to browse photos of certified homes and apartment buildings and connect directly with builders, sales offices, or remodelers. The site also allows NGBS Green Partners an independent resource where they can point prospective buyers to validate green building claims. This will help overcome the skepticism and confusion many consumers feel when they are inundated with green marketing messages that are often difficult to substantiate. It also helps buyers find homes that are truly green, in all respects, and independently verified to a consensus-based national green building rating system.

NGBS.com is sure to become the go-to site for consumers looking for a truly green living experience, and a better place to call home. Builders interested in getting their homes NGBS Green Certified can visit NGBS.com and click on the builder link in the upper right corner.

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