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Two top green certification organizations agree to collaborate.

February 29, 2016Upper Marlboro, MD

Home Innovation Research Labs and Passive House Institute US Announce MOU

Two Leading U.S. Green Certification Programs Share Common Vision, Agree to Collaborate

Home Innovation Research Labs is excited to announce a recently executed MOU with Passive House Institute US (PHIUS). Working collaboratively under this MOU, both parties expect to provide significant benefits to those participating in their respective green certification programs, as well as to the jurisdictions throughout the country that encourage sustainable home building and development.

The agreement specifies three primary goals:

  1. To streamline the process for residential projects to attain both NGBS Green and PHIUS+2015 certification.
  2. To harmonize onsite verification requirements and identify verifiers/raters who are accredited by both organizations.
  3. To collaboratively promote to the construction industry and policy makers the benefits of harmonized protocols, reduced cost, and market value of dual certification (NGBS Green and PHIUS+2015).

Ultimately, Home Innovation and Passive House hope to work toward the creation of an NGBS Green – PHIUS+2015 dual certification program. This will maximize the value of certification for every level of stakeholder – builders and developers will enjoy increased consumer marketability of their products; local jurisdictions who encourage, incentivize, or mandate green building will be able to provide more choice without compromising programmatic rigor; and consumers will be the biggest winners of all with the increased quality, efficiency, and cost savings they can enjoy from a comprehensively green home.

For more information about Home Innovation’s NGBS Green certification program, visit HomeInnovation.com/Green or NGBS.com, or contact Home Innovation via HomeInnovation.com/NGBSGreenContact. For information about Passive House certification, visit PHIUS.org.

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