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Key researchers, experts from government, private sector meet to discuss window efficiency test plan.

December 16, 2016Upper Marlboro, MD

Home Innovation Hosts Windows Advisory Group Meeting for Building America

Upper Marlboro, MD; December 16, 2016 – Earlier this week, Home Innovation hosted researchers, building scientists, and decision-makers from both the public and private sectors for a Building America advisory group focused on the structural support of windows installed in walls with continuous insulation. Participants included window manufacturer members of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), rigid foam sheathing manufacturer members of the the American Chemistry Council's (ACC) Foam Sheathing Committee (FSC), and staff from Home Innovation, AAMA, ACC, DOE, and the Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA).

The Advisory Group was gathered to provided expert input on the window project's test plan. Given the number of variables that go into a window installation -- e.g., window product type, size, weight, fastener choice, foam sheathing type and compressive strength, etc. -- the potential test matrix is massive and complex. Home Innovation staff presented a preliminary inventory of foam sheathing products, window products, and window testing/rating standards to feed the testing matrix and provide the Advisory Group members a basis for their discussion.

Following a lively and productive discussion about the installation characteristics that would be critical to ensure meaningful testing, and providing feedback on the most relevant test standards to apply as part of the test protocol, the meeting concluded. Home Innovation will incorporate the Advisory Group guidance into the official test plan by early January, and begin initial testing on the identified installation parameters thereafter. Once the initial testing is complete, the Advisory Group will be reconvened to assess if any changes to the test matrix and/or test protocol need to be adjusted before completing lab testing no the full matrix.

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