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September 29, 2017Upper Marlboro, MD

2015 NGBS Green Energy Report Now Available in Ekotrope

The 2015 NGBS Green energy efficiency calculation and report are now available in Ekotrope RATER, the fastest-growing HERS rating software with over 22,000 homes rated so far in 2017.

Ekotrope, relatively new to the energy rating market, offers products and solutions that can analyze the efficiency and cost of all the energy design elements for a given residential project to help builders select the combination of features, products, and technologies that is right for their budget, clients, and sustainability goals.

NGBS Green Verifiers can utilize Ekotrope’s cloud-based technology to create and access the NGBS report on any computer, anywhere. This can help verifiers produce HERS ratings for builders more accurately and quickly, eliminating time spent on data-entry and administration. Moreover, users can automatically share information securely with other IT systems using Ekotrope’s connectivity tool (API). Having more accessible data for running analytics can help builders and verifiers run their businesses more efficiently while making better decisions.
Ekotrope RATER also applies the proper logic for tankless water heaters for the NGBS Green analysis. This is an important update to ensure homes using tankless water heaters receive full credit toward NGBS Green certification.

Ekotrope RATER is one product in Ekotrope’s software portfolio for the residential construction industry. Ekotrope’s software allows residential construction professionals to find cost-effective ways to reach their design goals (using Ekotrope Optimizer) and explain the economic value to buyers (using Ekotrope TCO).

For more information on Home Innovation’s NGBS Green certification program, visit www.HomeInnovation.com/Green.

Example of Ekotrope RATER Report

Sample Ekotrope RATER report with NGBS Green energy efficiency calculation and report.

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