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NGBS Scope Expansion Opens Opportunities for New Stakeholders

October 6, 2017Upper Marlboro, MD

NGBS Scope Change Approved, Consensus Committee Application & Change Form Now Open

A scope expansion for the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) related to mixed-use multifamily buildings has been approved. As a result, Home Innovation Research Labs, secretariat for the 2018 NGBS Development process, will now be accepting applications for additional Consensus Committee members, as well as additional proposed changes related to the revised scope.

The Consensus Committee/Task Group application form is currently open. This provides an opportunity for those interested in or with particular expertise regarding mixed-use buildings or new occupancies that have been added to the NGBS scope. The deadline for applications is November 5, 2017.

The Proposed Change form is also currently open and accepting proposals related to the newly expanded scope. NOTE: Proposed changes that are submitted now but unrelated to the new scope will be held until the next update cycle for the NGBS. The deadline to submit proposed changes is November 20, 2017.

For links to both online forms, to download the full text of the scope revision, or to keep track of all Consensus Committee activities, be sure to visit www.HomeInnovation.com/NGBS. If you have questions or comments regarding the 2018 NGBS Development process, contact us.

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