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Chinedu Moneke passes professional engineer exam; becomes licensed.

August 16, 2021 | Upper Marlboro, MD

Home Innovation Proud to Welcome Another P.E. to Our Team!

Home Innovation Research Labs is proud to announce the most recent member of our staff to become licensed as a Professional Engineer (P.E.) – Chinedu Moneke, Research Engineer, and member of our Building Science and NGBS Green Certification teams.

Chinedu joined Home Innovation in early 2020 with over 10 years of energy modeling and field auditing experience. He currently provides technical support as a project and research engineer for projects related to green building, HVAC analysis, and code compliance; as well as the NGBS Green Certification Program and development of the HUD Resiliency Guide for Builders and Developers. Chinedu attended both the University of Minnesota and the University of South Alabama.

Chinedu Moneke, P.E., research engineer
Chinedu Moneke, P.E.

“When Chinedu started working at Home Innovation, it was just before our staff was forced to work from home as a result of the pandemic," said John Peavey, P.E., Director, Building Science Division and Chinedu’s direct supervisor. “I worried that, even with his experience, it would be hard for any new employee to perform well in a remote work environment – unfamiliar with the company’s culture and without any of the in-person coaching that a new employee would normally receive. But, Chinedu quickly put my worries to rest. Not only did he adapt well to the remote work environment, but also got up to speed quickly with our wide range of projects, and found time to prepare for and pass the Mechanical Engineering P.E. exam. I’d like to personally welcome Chinedu to ‘the club’ and say how proud I am of his dedication and accomplishment.”

And Building Science isn't the only department that has benefited from Chinedu’s building science and energy modeling expertise. According to Michelle Foster, Vice President, Sustainability, "He has helped take the quality assurance element of our NGBS Green program to a new level by helping us institute deeper desktop audits and more frequent virtual audits. His shiny new PE accreditation will also significantly add to the level of technical assistance we provide to our NGBS Green certification clients, as well as make us an even more effective national advocate for sustainable and healthy homes and apartments."

The entire Home Innovation team extends a heartfelt congratulations to Chinedu for this major professional milestone. Learn more about what it means to be a Licensed P.E. here

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