TechSpec: The Closed Crawlspace - Making the Transition

The modern closed crawlspace is dry, energy efficient, functional, and practical to build. This TechSpec presents an overview of benefits, code considerations, best practices, and solutions for closed crawlspaces. This information is intended to help home builders transition from a slab-on-grade or conventional vented crawlspace, or to improve existing design and construction practices. This TechSpec is consistent with the provisions of the 2012 International Residential Code (IRC), and is focused on warm and mixed-humid climate regions in the southeast (Climate Zones 3A and 4A). Some common local construction practices are also addressed.

In addition to this TechSpec, you may also be interested in the four-part series of companion educational videos on closed crawlspaces available on the Home Innovation Research Labs YouTube Channel.

TechSpec Closed Crawlspace
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