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Durability and Weathering
Test Equipment

Subjecting home building products to extreme environmental & weathering tests.

Durability and Weathering Test Equipment

Air Cannon

Our custom-built air cannon shoots the standard large missile (8’ SYP 2x4) at over 50 ft/sec. 

Wind-Blown Rain/Air Infiltration Chamber

Our wind-blown rain chamber accepts assemblies up to 8½-feet tall and 10-feet long for testing at up to 300 Pascals pressure difference (both positive and negative). The chamber tests for both water intrusion and air leakage.

Environmental Chambers

We have a Tenney BTRC chamber with 3.6 cf capacity and a temperature range of -60°F to 250°F, and a Tenney TH27 chamber with 24 cf capacity and a range of -4°F to 200°F. Both chambers can provide humidity up to 95% RH.

Weathering Chambers

Our Atlas Ci3000w Xenon Weatherometer accepts multiple samples typically 3”x6”. Our Q-Lab QUV system accepts samples as large as 12”x20”. Both machines can run standard and custom test protocols cycling light, dark, and rain at targeted temperature and humidity for extended periods of time. The QUV apparatus is also capable of creating a temperature and humidity condition that will cause condensation on the test specimen.

Cyclic Function Testing

Products that open and close, or that move up and down or back and forth need to be tested for long-term operation and durability. Our custom-designed and built apparatus can cycle through these operations thousands of times with a wide range of products.



Our full-service lab is ready for your product testing needs.



Product Testing Equipment

Testing Equipment

Our 24,000 s.f. state-of-the-art testing laboratory houses a wide variety of calibrated test equipment for all types of building products, materials, and systems testing.

Testing Equipment