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Our product testing facility is a manufacturer's dream ... and a product's worst nightmare!

Full-Service Testing Capabilities to Serve the Building Industry

Home Innovation Labs' 24,000 square foot state-of-the-art testing laboratory houses a wide variety of test equipment that sets us apart as a leading testing facility for building products and materials. All of our equipment and instrumentation described below is on a regular calibration schedule using NIST traceable reference standards. Through IAS, Home Innovation is an ISO 17025 accredited test lab, ISO 17020 inspection agency, and ISO 17065 third-party certification body. We stand ready to evaluate the performance attributes of your building products and materials. You can check out our full list of accredited test methods hereContact us today to discuss your product testing and certification needs.

Structural Test Equipment

Material Properties Test Equipment

Durability and Weathering Test Equipment

Thermal Test Equipment

Moisture Test Equipment