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Our industry relationships and expertise will accomplish your goals for implementing innovation.

Leveraging Government & Industry Stakeholders to Improve Housing

We understand barriers to innovation in home building – it’s an industry made up mostly of small firms, with a lack of integration and a poor flow of information, that are beholden to a bevy of local building codes. These and other contributing factors often make innovation a 25-year process for a new residential building product. With consumer demand for higher performance and better quality in their homes escalating annually, the home building industry cannot afford this kind of lag in progress. Home Innovation Research Labs can mobilize our deep relationships in the industry to help counteract these challenges and change the tide of innovation, ultimately creating better, more affordable homes for our country. 

Research Agenda

We provide third-party consulting services to assist government agency managers with overcoming barriers, addressing industry needs, and identifying trends and issues through development of white papers and research agendas. We are also adept at fostering collaboration to effect change through public-private partnerships with industry and government opinion leaders and stakeholders.

Concept Testing

We help agencies explore and identify where programs can be effective with proactive and efficient deployment. We identify the most effective conduits to stakeholders and methods to reach them. 

Field Studies

Agencies benefit from our real-world experience with builders, remodelers, property managers, real estate agents, assessors, manufacturers, suppliers, and trade contractors creating and capturing best practices that can help inform and fine tune programs.

Gap Analysis

Understanding what is unknown is the first challenge in defining plans for moving forward. Our engineering studies, structured focus groups, and stakeholder exploration sessions provide insight for program development and implementation.   

Cooperative Research

Government performs an essential role with advancing housing through research and development. We can broker highly leveraged cost-shared programs with industry to accelerate adoption of technology and enhance the business environment for implementation and acceptance.