Green Remodeling
Certification Process

Step by step process for a green remodeling project to get NGBS Green Certified.

NGBS Certification Process for Green Remodeling Projects

The ICC 700-2012 National Green Building Standard™ (NGBS) offers two options for cetifying remodel projects. Whole-house or whole-building renovations can be certified at the Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Emerald levels by choosing appropriate practices from Chapter 11 of the NGBS. Chapter 12 provides options for having small remodeling projects certified as compliant for remodeled kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and small additions. Explore the options and evaluate which best meets your needs from the features, performance, and cost perspectives.

Whole-Building Remodel

Certification of a whole-building remodel requires demonstrating that there has been a minimum of a 15% reduction in energy consumption and at least a 20% reduction in water consumption over the pre-remodel condition. In addition, there are some mandatory practices that must be met. A minimum number of points must be obtained from practices related to Lot Design, Resource Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Homeowner Education. With each higher level of certification comes higher requirements for energy savings and water reduction, as well as points. Whole-house renovations require two inspections by an accredited verifier in order to obtain certification. The basic process is outlined below.

Certification Process

Step 1: 

   Before the renovation begins, hire a qualified professional to determine the home or multifamily building's water and energy usage. This professional will also be required to prepare an analysis of expected energy and water usage after the renovation is complete. The before-and-after analysis or audit of energy and water use must be uniform and use the same approach. This step can often be completed by an accredited NGBS Green Verifier.

Step 2:    Hire an accredited verifier and schedule the rough inspection. The verifier will register the project and obtain a unique Project ID.

Step 3:    For multifamily renovations only, complete the Project Information Form and submit to Home Innovation Research Labs.

Step 4:    Home Innovation will send a Builder Agreement to remodelers submitting their first project for certification.

Step 5:    Schedule a final inspection with your verifier, and sign the final Verification Report which the verifier will send to Home Innovation for review.

Step 6:    Home Innovation Labs will review the report and issue a "Home Innovation NGBS Green Certified" certificate, provided all documentation is complete.


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