Green Land Development

Get your residential green land development NGBS Green Certified.

NGBS Green Land Development Certification

The National Green Building Standard™ (NGBS) provides practices for the design, planning, construction, and certification of land development, including:

The NGBS offers four levels of green certification for site design and land development: One through Four Stars, depending on the number of green practices successfully incorporated in its design and construction. To be certified, a project must implement a minimum number of green development practices. For example, under the 2008 NGBS a One-Star Development had to earn 79 points, while a Four-Star Development needed a minimum of 175 points.

All land development, regardless of size or location, is eligible to be certified under the NGBS as long as some of the parcels will eventually be developed with residential buildings. Certification of the land development is completely independent of the certification of the homes and buildings ultimately constructed within the development, although certification of the land development may help residential buildings obtain points toward certification in the Lot Design, Preparation, and Development category.

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