NGBS Green+ Net Zero Energy

Highlight what makes your NGBS Green Certified home extra special - Net Zero Energy certification.


NGBS Green+ certification provides a streamlined, supplementary, third-party recognition for NGBS Green Certified homes based on their exceptional performance in one (or more) of six categories of green practices, including NET ZERO ENERGY. Net zero energy buildings combine energy efficiency and renewable energy generation to consume only as much energy as can be produced onsite through renewable resources. Net zero energy homes offer residents independence from energy bills and increased resilience during events that affect the energy infrastructure.

Homes demonstrating net zero energy construction can earn the NGBS Green+ NET ZERO ENERGY certification.


Compliance Criteria

A home or building must demonstrate that it is constructed or renovated to be net zero energy. Badging is based on as-built conditions when construction is completed; no post-occupancy benchmarking is required. An accredited NGBS Green Verifier must provide the following information as indicated within the verification packet. Energy performance reports should comply with the NGBS Green Energy Modeling Policy within the Verifier's Resource Guide.

Any path can be selected in the Energy Efficiency section of the NGBS (Chapter 7 for New Construction / 11.700 for Renovation) to demonstrate energy efficiency toward NGBS Green
Certification. The following renewable energy systems are accepted for the purposes of achieving the NGBS Green+ NET ZERO ENERGY additional certification:

Want to find out more about earn this or other NGBS Green+ certification? Start by reading the NGBS Green+ Compliance Handbook and discussing the possibilities with your NGBS Green Verifier. If you  have any questions, contact us.

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