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NGBS Certification Activity

Keep track of the steady growth of projects certified to the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard.

Current NGBS Certification Activity

Below is a real-time tally of the projects that have beenĀ NGBS Green Certified by Home Innovation Research Labs or are in our certification pipeline. For more information on any of the specific types of certification, download the current list of NGBS Green Certified projects.

Certified Homes List

Verifier Name

NGBS Project Type Units Certified Units In Process
Single-Family Homes (new & remodeled) * 18,304 6,421
Multifamily Buildings (new) 5,759 3,242
Units count Multifamily Buildings (new) * 229,232 149,952
Multifamily Buildings (remodeled) 761 680
Units count Multifamily Buildings (remodled) * 8,838 8,898
Land Developments 27 9
Lots within NGBS Land Developments 1,683 24,571

* Part of total number displayed in NGBS Green Certified Homes counter.