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Verifier Details

Verifier Details

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Rachel Della Valle
Southern Energy Management

Home Office Location: Durham, NC
Additional Services Provided: Third-Party Plan Review
Performance Testing
Solar Professional
Green Consulting
Other Services - Contact Verifier
HERS Rater
Company Website:
Accreditation: 2008 NGBS
2012 NGBS
2012 Master Verifier
2015 NGBS
Other Accredited Verifiers: Jamie Hager
Laurie Colwander
Matt Dovenbarger
Tony Forte
Grant Warner
David Boynton
Todd Bogdahn
Theo Ingram
Sara Collier
Ulysses Cann
Isaac Beavers
Peter Ratcliffe
Robert Leone
Aaron Hope
Alex Taylor
Emil De Jong
James Hogan
Sawyer Chipley

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For more information about costs, fees, and scheduling, contact Rachel Della Valle at 866-575-9151, or submit the e-mail form below.

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