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Verifier Details

Verifier Details

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Amy Otley
US Eco Logic

Home Office Location: Irving, TX
Additional Services Provided: Third-Party Plan Review
Performance Testing
Green Consulting
Other Services - Contact Verifier
HERS Rater
Company Website:
Accreditation: 2012 NGBS
2015 NGBS
2020 NGBS
Other Accredited Verifiers: Paul Gay
Aaron Gary
Keith "Alan" Hamblin
Jeffrey Slaugh
Sean Rollerson
Marie Nisson
Arne Westbye
Miranda Hardin
Josh Hanson
Robert Pegues
Mugahid Khatib
Adrian Miranda
Kevin McCarty
Alec Bowling
Justin Hall
Matthew Houser
Jose Martinez
Lindsay Scott
Trey Abrego
Leandro Pena-Salvatico
Brandon Carr
Donovan Lanham Elledge
Jade Atkison

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For more information about costs, fees, and scheduling, contact Amy Otley at 616-450-5972, or submit the e-mail form below.

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