NGBS Bronze Cookbook

Get started down the NGBS Green Certification path - use the Bronze Cookbook.

Simplifying NGBS Green Certification with the Bronze Cookbook

You want to build a high-performance, green home but don't know where to start. After all, even the simplest single-family home built today is relatively complex, much less a high-performance home. You've come to the right place! Using the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) and Home Innovation’s NGBS Green Certification can make the process of building a green home easier and more affordable than it otherwise would be.

However, the NGBS was designed to be flexible so it has lots of different options. This may seem daunting, even overwhelming, if you're new to green home building. How does someone approaching the NGBS for the first time decide what practices are the most cost-effective? Or even the most relevant to prospective homebuyers and renters? In an effort to help new green builders overcome this challenge, Home Innovation created the NGBS Bronze Cookbook.

The concept behind this “cookbook” or roadmap is simple – it allows you to see which practices are most commonly incorporated into NGBS Green Certified homes. Home Innovation developed the Bronze Cookbook by reviewing every NGBS Green Verification Report for homes and multifamily buildings that have attained NGBS Green Certification. Based on that review, we pre-populated an Excel-based scoring spreadsheet with the most commonly used practices to achieve Bronze-level NGBS Green Certification. Given the widespread use of these specific practices nationally, you can assume they represent the most cost-effective and relevant green practices for residential construction. We also included links, where appropriate, to NGBS Green Certified Product options which can further simplify the up-front selections needed for the certification process.

By identifying cost-effective green practices, the Bronze Cookbook can save you time and money by streamlining what can otherwise be a complex and extensive decision-making process. But the Bronze Cookbook is just one way to approach NGBS Green Certification – we always encourage builders to strategically select the most appropriate green practices for their projects based on their individual objectives and market drivers.

To start on your path to building NGBS Green Certified homes, download the NGBS Bronze Cookbook, complete it, and talk with an NGBS Green Verifier in your area.

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