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Resources to help promote the benefits of water efficiency certifications in your community.

Water Efficiency Advocacy Resources

Water efficiency certifications are a tool that local jurisdictions can use to ensure that new construction does not exceed water use thresholds while continuing to meet housing production goals. Voluntary water ratings are positioned to gain broad support, favored to restrictive prescriptive measures and building moratoriums. However, they may be unfamiliar to code officials and other local leaders.

Below are resources that program partners can use to introduce water ratings and certifications and the benefits that they offer to builders, developers, residents, local jurisdictions, and water utilities. These resources can be used to “make the case” for WRI and WaterSense certifications to be recognized alongside other credible water efficiency certifications, whether for incentives or rebates or as a local code requirement.

Please check back frequently as these resources will be updated. If you have questions about these resources or how they should be used or need additional assistance with a local legislative matter relevant to WRI or the NGBS, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Water Rating Index (WRI)

WaterSense Labeled Homes

WaterSense Regional Factsheets:

Sample Resources


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