Single-Family Certification Process

Step by step process for a single-family green home to get NGBS Green Certified.

NGBS Single-Family Certification Process

Step 1:    Download the Builder's Resource Guide (BRG).
Step 2:     Score the building using the downloadable scoring spreadsheet.
Step 3:    Hire an accredited verifier who will register the project and obtain a unique Project ID.
Step 4:    Register for an AXIS Account. Every NGBS Green client must have an AXIS account for certification purposes.
Step 5:    Send the design information to the verifier. Forward the scoring spreadsheet to your verifier and schedule a rough inspection before the drywall is installed.
Step 6:    Home Innovation Research Labs will send a client agreement to new builders/developers.
Step 7:    Schedule a final inspection with your verifier.
Step 8:    Home Innovation Labs will review the report and issue a "NGBS Green Certified" certificate, provided all documentation is complete.