Green Single-Family Homes

Give homebuyers what they want -- an NGBS Green Certified home.

NGBS Green Single-Family Home Certification

The National Green Building Standard (NGBS) provides practices for the design, construction, and certification of new green single-family homes, including:

Builders seeking NGBS Green certification for their homes have two options. Homes can earn Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Emerald certification, depending on the number of green practices successfully incorporated into its design and construction. This option applies for all versions of the NGBS. Alternatively, homes can earn the Certified level by following the streamlined single-family certification path in the 2020 NGBS. In order to be eligible for the Certified path, homes must successfully incorporate all applicable practices in Chapter 12 of the 2020 NGBS.

Existing single-family homes can also attain one of the four certification levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald) when remodeling in compliance with the NGBS.

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