Solid Surface Materials

Testing and certification of solid surface materials for compliance with the ICPA/ANSI SS-1 standard.

Solid Surface Testing & Certification

Having solid surface products tested and certified to the ICPA/ANSI SS-1 standard is important for reducing problems during fabrication and for increased customer satisfaction and overall marketability. Each section of the standard requires specific tests based on real-world simulated conditions to determine the material’s fitness for use and durability. As an accredited standards development agency, Home Innovation Research Labs helped to develop this standard, so you can be assured of our understanding of each element.  

Solid Surface Testing

The Home Innovation has the capability to evaluate and certify that your solid surface material complies with ICPA/ANSI SS-1. Materials are subjected to a variety of standard-prescribed tests including impact, stain resistance, loading, colorfastness, inconspicuous seams, and ease of repair.