Government Consulting
Custom Consulting and Services

Save time and money with our comprehensive suite of research and consulting services.

Providing Comprehensive Consulting Services to Government Agencies

Government contracting needs can be complex. Rarely does a government client have only one research, testing, or evaluation need that needs to be fulfilled. Home Innovation Research Labs depth and breadth of experience and expertise allow us to be effective for all types of agency needs.

Meeting/Conference Facilitation

We regularly plan government and industry symposia, providing a variety of problem-solving techniques and arranging all the logistical details that go along with conference planning.

Cycle Time Improvement & High Performance Work

We assist the government in applying specialized methodologies to assess baseline performance and apply specific techniques to improve cycle time and assess the degree of organizational change.

Process & Productivity Improvement 

Home Innovation Labs is recognized for our expertise in quality improvement at all levels of businesses, and has developed a suite of consulting services for the delivery of quality services.

Planning & Implementing Survey Design

We perform full-service survey planning and implementation services that include survey design, defining and refining the research agenda, determining the best data collection methodology, administering surveys, assessing reliability and validity of data, and analyzing survey results.

Program Implementation & Project Management

We regularly assist clients in project start-up and management activities, including providing key staff to serve as team leaders for program implementation activities or as project managers for specific assignments.

Student Design Competition Management

Our connectedness both within and around the residential construction industry, makes us ideally suited to bridge channels of innovation between the government and the next generation of home builders and designers — our nation's students. A current example of this is our work with DOE to create and manage the Challenge Home Student Design Competition.