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Product Development Consulting

Our understanding of product development lifecycle and innovation process is key to your success.

Product Development Consulting that Helps Home Building Products and Manufacturers Succeed

Success in developing and launching new home building products or materials requires a deep understanding of the home building industry and the innovation process. We offer unparalleled industry expertise and top-notch research skills to support all phases of the new product development process – from assessing market gaps and opportunities to providing critical market intelligence for your launch plan.  

Our Product Development Consulting Process for Home Building Products

Each of our projects is backed by a solid research approach and set of competencies where we:

  • Examine drivers of change for existing and new product categories
  • Generate new product and service ideas based on gaps and opportunities
  • Evaluate and refine new product concepts
  • Assist with business plan development – including market size, purchase intent, marketing & distribution plans
  • Develop short- and long-term strategies for building code approval
  • Test new product marketability 
  • Validate product performance in the lab and in the field
  • Develop launch plans
  • Fine-tune marketing approaches post launch 

Our Product Development Consulting Capabilities

Lead User Panel

One of the resources that makes us uniquely qualified to help with new home building product development issues is our expert panel of leading industry innovators who have agreed to provide us reviews of new building technologies. We provide panel members with a detailed description of a new product and ask them questions about its technical and market feasibility. The reviewers provide recommendations for improvements that can be invaluable to manufacturers.

Concept Testing and Multi-Concept Screening

These studies can help a new product developer estimate the likelihood of acceptance of a single home building product, or provide feedback on which of a series of new product ideas has the highest likelihood of acceptance. A concept test is a specialized research method that quantifies overall likability of and intent-to-purchase a new product. Multi-concept screening is employed when manufacturers have numerous new product ideas and need to be strategic and measured in which options they pursue.  

Expert Roundtables

Sometimes the best way to come up with solutions or evaluate opportunities is to get a group of leading-edge thinkers together for a professionally-moderated conversation. Our in-house expertise and access to industry leaders allow us to assemble expert roundtable discussions focused on solutions for the full spectrum of obstacles and opportunities a new product or material may face – including market, code, and building science-related issues.


Improve your business intelligence with our market research services.



Home Innovation Research Labs Lab - Market Research

With multiple focus group suites and an observation gallery overlooking the laboratory floor, our market research facility is unmatched for building product research. 

Market Research Facility