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Product Usability

Thorough product user experience testing helps address potential failures before they happen.

Helping Manufacturers Evaluate Product Usability of Home Building Products

The saying “the devil is in the details” rings true in new building product development. Well-intentioned manufacturers of building products, tools, and equipment often experience costly market flops because they rely on how the product is supposed to perform and be used – not how it actually does in the hands of trades and DIY’ers. Let us put your product to the test real-time in our unique Observational Research Laboratory. We offer fast, thorough, and cost-effective evaluations of new building products in a confidential, realistic, viewer-friendly environment. 

Simple Process 

Our expert staff will work with you to plan, design, and assemble the necessary mock-ups and recruit participants with the right kind of experience. On site, our staff will provide instructions and equipment to participants to use or install your product while you discretely watch and listen behind one-way glass in the comfort and convenience of our modern observation gallery.

Unique Facility

Our state-of-the-art Observational Research Lab combines comfort and efficiency with the latest in communication technologies to create the ultimate industry user test experience. It provides significant benefit to manufacturer clients looking for a one-stop shop for new product development and commercialization research.

Our facility boasts a host of innovative features, including:
  • Observation deck that supports structures up to two stories tall with a 32’ by 32’ footprint
  • Two levels of one-way glass – more than 400 square feet total – for discrete viewing by small or large groups of observers
  • Six fixed cameras that can be operated by remote control
  • Numerous plasma screens offering viewpoints from all angles
  • Lapel microphones for installers

Unmatched Industry Knowledge

With unmatched expertise and experience in the evaluation of installation practices and forensics of building material or system failures, and a singular focus on the residential construction industry for nearly half a century, our observational, qualitative, and quantitative research methods ensure the most thorough and meaningful evaluation for our clients. Our facilities allow for the highest degree of confidentiality while still involving most or all of the new product development team – all in one location, at one time.


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Home Innovation Research Labs Lab - Market Research

With multiple focus group suites and an observation gallery overlooking the laboratory floor, our market research facility is unmatched for building product research. 

Market Research Facility