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Streamlined Building Product Evaluation: From Test Plan to ESR

Though a cooperative agreement with ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), the premier product evaluation/listing agency in North America, we comprehensively serve the manufacturers of building and plumbing products seeking Evaluation Reports or product listing/labeling services.

This cooperation provides a turnkey testing, evaluation, and listing process; reduces the time from application submittal to publication of an Evaluation Report; and makes the overall process much more predictable in terms of your allocation of resources. It also provides an expedited service option, resulting in significant time and cost savings for product manufacturers we service.

We will serve as your guide and advocate on the path to achieving an ESR, providing the best client experience in the industry. As a “one-stop-shop” for product testing, evaluation, and listing, we can help manufacturers develop a test plan more quickly, taking all likely needs into consideration early in the process. We help take the guesswork out of the type and quantity of testing that will be needed. The cooperation was developed to benefit manufacturers of all products in the built environment, from innovative building products, to more typical plumbing, mechanical, fuel gas, and swimming pool products.

Having a formal quality assurance (QA) system is a precursor to most product certification or listing programs, but we know from experience that creating one can be a daunting prospect for many manufacturers. To help our clients acquire the ESRs they seek from ICC-ES, and in keeping with Home Innovation's overall mission to reduce barriers to innovation, we have created a quick guide for setting up a quality assurance (QA) system. The document outlines the key elements for a basic quality system based on the ICC-ES qualifying inspection.

We look forward to continuing to serve your product development and testing needs. Contact us today if you are interested in saving time and money, while never compromising rigor, on your journey toward ESRs for your building products.