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Material Properties

Material testing helping you define and communicate a product's level of performance to your customers.

Full-Service Material Property Testing for Home Building Products and Materials

The Home Innovation is accredited to conduct a wide range of tests to establish product and material attributes and performance measurements. We also provide third-party documentation of those test results to communicate the basic material properties to your customers and enhance the market value and credibility of your products. All our material property tests are designed to provide prompt, reliable, and marketable results for our clients. 

Moisture Testing

Moisture can be the nemesis of today’s homes and many housing materials if not properly measured and accounted for. Our lab can test the moisture content, moisture absorption, and vapor transmission of a wide range of building products and materials. 

Thermal Conductivity

In a market where energy efficiency is top of mind for builders, remodelers, and consumers, it’s important to have independent, third-party data to support your energy-efficiency claims so your products stand out in the marketplace. We measure the R-value of batt, loose fill, and foam insulation products, and use a large-scale, rotatable, calibrated hot box for testing the R-value performance of complete wall or roof systems up to 9’x10'. 

Strength Testing

The Home Innovation has the capability to measure all the basic strength and stiffness properties of a building product or material, including tension, compression, bending, impact, and buckling.

Coefficient of Friction

Manufacturers and material producers need to know how slippery their products become in various real-world conditions in order to minimize potential slip/fall hazards. We can perform traditional measurements of both the static and dynamic coefficient of friction for a given material, as well as provide specialized measurements using the Brungraber articulated foot.

Linear Expansion

Understanding how much a material expands or contracts with temperature and moisture changes is key to developing long-lasting applications, and managing consumer expectations for durability. Our testing can provide a basic understanding of how your material reacts to these environmental changes.

Density & Specific Gravity

The Home Innovation can measure the density and/or specific gravity of wood, plastic, and other building materials. These properties are important to understand as they can often impact other physical properties and the related performance of a material. 

Color & Gloss Testing

Products that fade or weather over time not only fail to meet a consumer’s expectations and investment, but also lead to a poor opinion of the manufacturer. We identify the baseline color and gloss of products, then test the consistency of both attributes after subjecting them to prescribed types of conditioning, such as UV exposure, weathering, and staining.


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Testing Equipment

Our 24,000 s.f. state-of-the-art testing laboratory houses a wide variety of calibrated test equipment for all types of building products, materials, and systems testing.

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