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Stand out from the crowd with custom product attribute testing to prove your marketing claims.

Home Innovation Lab Tested: Custom Product Testing & Certification

Does your product have a special feature or attribute that provides benefits over your competitors’ products? Does it save time? Is it more durable than other products in its class? Does it reduce installation mistakes? Home Innovation’s Lab Tested mark provides an ideal way to prove your marketing claims.

Lab Tested 

Traditional building product certification programs establish the performance metrics for all products in your class, making you part of the crowd rather than a stand-out performer. The Home Innovation Lab Tested program is different.

Different than our Home Innovation Lab Certified™ or NGBS Green Certified™ marks, which demonstrate compliance with specific national codes or standards, our Lab Tested™ mark indicates a product has been tested within Home Innovation’s full-service product testing laboratory, using industry-accepted practices, to prove a manufacturer's performance claim for a product.

If you have a new, innovative, or just plain better building product, and you’re looking for a flexible, affordable, credible product certification tailored to your specific needs, Home Innovation’s Lab Tested services are here for you. Contact us to see how we can help set you apart from your competitors.