Product Testing
Durability and Weathering

Our weather and durability testing will ensure your products can stand up to the toughest conditions.

Testing Long-Term Durability & Weather Resistance of Building Products

Our lab has the capacity to test products for their durability against wind, rain, heat, cold, sunlight, humidity, and moisture. Through our comprehensive testing processes we help manufacturers understand how their products stand up in these real-world conditions. With this valuable testing data, manufacturers see where they can improve product performance and outshine their competitors.  

Wind-Blown Rain

Our Wind-Driven Rain Chamber verifies that products and systems will not leak in hurricane-type rain storms. The chamber also is used to verify the physical integrity of products and systems to withstand related wind forces.

Wind-Blown Debris

Hurricanes and tornados are notorious for throwing debris through the windows, doors, and walls of homes. Our Air Cannon is capable of shooting large (for example, an 8’ 2x4) and small debris at a range of building products to understand how they will stand up under impact. 

UV Weathering 

Color changes and physical property degradation are typical effects of long- term exposure to UV radiation from sunlight. With Xenon Arc and QUV weatherometers we evaluate these changes by controlling UV light/dark, temperature, and humidity over a period of time and comparing “before” and “after” properties.   


Temperature extremes affect both the physical properties of building products and the installation process. Our industry-leading environmental chambers allow us to test products against extreme hot and cold temperatures, as well as humidity – in temperatures as high as 150°F or as low as 10°F for large-scale evaluations.  

Humidity & Moisture

Moisture absorption and humidity are major contributors to building material degradation and product corrosion, mold and mildew growth, and aspects of indoor environmental quality. We conduct both accelerated and long-term studies on the effects of corrosion on various combinations of materials and products, as well as evaluate how products react in various moisture-based environments. Our test capabilities include ASTM B117 and custom testing in our Salt Fog Testing Machine.


Our full-service lab is ready for your product testing needs.



Product Testing Equipment

Testing Equipment

Our 24,000 s.f. state-of-the-art testing laboratory houses a wide variety of calibrated test equipment for all types of building products, materials, and systems testing.

Testing Equipment