Bollinger Construction

Bollinger Construction

The Issue

This framing company wanted to improve the efficiency of its operations and its profitability.

Our Approach

Home Innovation Labs refined the ISO 9000 quality management principles specifically for builders, trade contractors, and suppliers – resulting in our Home Innovation Quality Certified Builder & Trade Contractor Program (formerly called National Housing Quality/NHQ Certification). We provided quality training to Bollinger Construction so that the company could develop and implement its own custom quality management system.

Our Solution

The Quality Certified program developed and delivered by Home Innovation Research Labs includes a detailed array of requirements that provides companies with an outstanding quality management system to help them realize improved customer satisfaction, reduced callbacks, and an improved bottom line. A critically important element of the program for trade contractors is for the contractor to assume primary responsibility for the quality of its own work and not rely on the builder’s inspections to find mistakes. A Home Innovation Quality Certified Trade Contractor is responsible for job-ready, in-process, and job-complete inspections. Home Innovation provided oversight and support to company staff, and then performed an audit to ensure the company was adhering to its approved quality management system.

The Result

President Josh Bollinger reported that after implementing Home Innovation's quality program, the company’s first-time pass rate with code inspectors went from 63 to 97 percent consistently. Additionally, profitability increased nearly 10 percent, which represented the largest increase in the company’s history. Employee turnover decreased and the company expanded because of an increase in new clients.


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