Cost-Saving Construction Opportunities and the HOME Program

Efforts to expand the supply of affordable housing under the HOME Program are constrained by the high cost of new construction and rehabilitation. There are many documented methods for helping to reduce costs in construction projects. Participating jurisdictions (PJs) in the HOME program can leverage available funding by taking advantage of available cost-saving building technologies and construction techniques to reduce the cost of new construction or rehabilitation.

This model identifies numerous cost-saving opportunities in residential construction, for potential inclusion in HOME activities. It is written for PJ directors and technical staffs, specialists in new construction and rehabilitation, nonprofit housing providers, private-sector builders and remodelers, and others providing services funded directly or indirectly through the HOME program.

Although the specific technologies and construction techniques discussed in this model have been used in many areas of this country, users are advised to consult with local building code authorities concerning the acceptability of specific practices in particular situations. 

Cost-Saving Construction Opportunities and the HOME Program
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