Developing Energy Performance Remodeling “Start-up” Kit – Draft

The Department of Energy’s Building America (BA) Program is a research and development program to improve the energy performance of new and existing homes. The ultimate goal of the Building America Program is to achieve examples of cost-effective, energy efficient solutions for all U.S. climate zones. This goal will be met using a whole-house system engineering approach and by uniting segments of the industry that traditionally work independently of one another, including architects, engineers, builders, remodelers, trade contractors, manufacturers, material suppliers, community planners, and mortgage lenders.

As one of the Building America teams, Home Innovation Research Labs Industry Partnership has a significant research focus on high performing existing homes. The goals for this work include addressing technology solutions and whole house packages, as well as consideration of implementation tools to foster adoption of BA best practices and help hasten the growth of the energy retrofit market. While technology solutions are important, one significant gap for existing home energy performance remodeling is business models. In this context the practices of business management, deployment, risk management, and motivation associated with potential growth and profit drives remodeling and holds the promise of a sustainable energy retrofit industry.

The Home Innovation Research Labs Industry Team’s strategic approach for this project is to identify business models for the remodeling industry that foster remodelers’ adoption of energy efficiency services. Remodeling contractors often need additional technical, marketing, and other resources to successfully provide energy upgrades to their customers. The ultimate goal is to develop and assemble a set of operating and marketing guidelines and resources for remodelers, similar to the business start-up kit, to increase their likelihood for success in expanding their current services to include a comprehensive menu of energy upgrade options.

Developing Energy Performance Remodeling “Start-up” Kit – Draft
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