Extended Plate & Beam Demonstration Home

This document is the final report for an Extended Plate and Beam (EP&B) demonstration home built in Cazenovia, NY in 2015 using panelized wall sections produced at a nearby manufacturing plant. Other documents provided as a result of this research project include an Energy Analysis (July 2016) and a Construction Guide (August 2016).

Home Innovation Research Labs previously studied the EP&B wall system for a 2014/2015 NYSERDA research project that included the following tasks:

  1. Construction Details
  2. Structural Testing
  3. Constructability Assessment
  4. Code Compliance
  5. Cost Effectiveness

Positive results from the 2014/2015 evaluation as well as moisture monitoring of the EP&B wall done in a parallel study in partnership with the Forest Products Research Lab indicated that a test home project was an appropriate next step in the development of the EP&B system.