Hotspot Implementation Guide & Tools

The intent of the Hotspot Implementation Guide and Tools is to provide a resource for builders and their trade contractors to allow them to take on a self-contained quality management process that is not dependent on having a formal quality management system in place.

A hotspot is a recurring problem or potential problem that a building company chooses to target for elimination or prevention because the leaders in the company have carefully analyzed the company's problems and concluded that this particular problems ranks as the most important one to address at this time. Eliminating a hotspot will require the use of time and company resources. Specific hotspots are selected because they are:

  • A prioritized, important issue
  • A builder's problem, not that of another company
  • An issue that is limiting a builder's effectiveness or efficiency

By eliminating hotspots, costs can be reduced, profits increased, and customer satisfaction improved, and ultimately the company is made stronger and more sustainable. This is of particular importance in high performance homes because the home must work as a system to achieve the desired energy performance without issues such as durability, moisture, indoor air quality, comfort, etc. 

Hotspot Implementation Guide & Tools
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