Quality: Hotspot Inspections

This package is companion information to the article “HotSpot Inspections,” appearing in the March 2000 issue of Professional Builder magazine.

The HotSpot Inspection forms that follow are provided courtesy of the framing contractors and builders who generously share their best practices for the benefit of our industry including:

  • All-tech Inc., Jamesburg, NJ (framing contractor)
  • K. Hovnanian, Red Bank, NJ (builder)
  • Schuck and Sons, Glendale, AZ (framing contractor)
  • Del Webb, Sun City West, AZ (builder with contracted and in-house framing operations)

These HotSpot Inspection forms continue to evolve as participants implement and refine them in their operations as part of the ongoing PATH/Home Innovation Research Labs ISO 9000 framing quality project.


Quality: Hotspot Inspections
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