Retrofit Improvements: Secure Deck Posts at Beams & Piers

In many homes elevated decks are not properly secured to the ground to resist high wind or earthquake loads — or even the load of a large group of people moving or dancing. To improve a deck’s resistance to lateral loading, deck posts and beams should be secured with metal connectors. Posts should also be secured to foundation piers and the piers should be properly reinforced and ground coupled.

Decks are easily accessible from the exterior for inspection and repair. Several publications, listed in the Resources section, can assist a homeowner with what to look for and how to correct weak connections using hardware that is readily available. The retrofit hardware for beam and post connections for a 10’ x 12’ self-supported deck might consist of 4 pair of post-beam connectors and 8 (2 each side) post-pier hold downs secured to the pier with expansion bolts and epoxy. Costs for each are generally under $20 and vary with load capacity and galvanized coating hardware.

For homeowners who prefer to let the experts handle maintenance and repairs, consult a licensed contractor about this and other safety retrofits that are practical for your home.

Retrofit Improvements: Secure Deck Posts at Beams & Piers
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